30 Years Of Meditation Skills In Just 7 Minutes (Proven)!

How far do you want to develop your mind? Enough to set aside 30 years for intense, daily meditation? Probably not. But what if you could achieve the same results in a matter of minutes?

What if there were electronic aids to make it easy for you (and proven by MRI scans to have the same effect as many years, even decades, of meditation)?

The technology is here.

Now, thanks to the power of modern electronics, it is possible to harness the mind and steer it into far more focused and powerful states. Brainwave entrainment—meaning to lower brainwave frequencies to powerful alpha and theta states—is now a simple reality that can produce results in minutes which would previously have taken decades of learning skills and meditation practice.

Watch this video from Prof. Keith!

Brain Integration

But we can go further even than states meditation can reach. Understanding the differences and importances of right and left brain function, we can generate whole new levels of mind power and functionality, by uniting right and left brain hemispheres in a way that was impossible until recently.

Connecting right and left brain (something evolutionary progress has so far failed to do effectively) has big effects on mind performance and creates altered states that are very powerful.

Just how powerful is shown by the pioneer work of Robert A. Monroe, who learned to access out-of-body states and remote viewing, using modern electronic technology. Today, we have even better techniques than those available to Monroe.

We are pushing forward the evolution of the human mind to new levels. These states were definitely never accessible before, except to exceptional individuals, who developed the skills by chance; people like Albert Einstein, Buddha, Aristotle and Plato, possibly Shakespeare and definitely Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest visionary scientist of all time.


Medical Benefits

Do you want to reduce stress? Improve your concentration? Boost serotonin levels? Experience a more restful, better quality of sleep? Feel more energetic? Be more productive? Learn faster? Lower blood pressure and heart rate?

Do you want to see widespread improvement in your physical and emotional health? Do you want to overcome addictive or destructive behaviors?

Theta Brainwaves Mean Improved Health Outcomes

During creative visualization, we enter the highly beneficial brainwave state known as Theta. The Theta state, known to all who practice meditation, is a rare summit of calm, wellbeing and tranquility.

Although it can take decades to be trained in achieving the Theta mindset through unaided meditation, advances in technology have made this sought-after mental state accessible to everyone.

The complex sound and light patterns of the Kasina device are used to guide the user into Theta in a timeframe of approximately five minutes (sometimes much less).

As Theta is reached, you will experience a rare sensation of energized serenity that lasts throughout the visualization session. In this state of heightened awareness and receptivity, your mind is able to absorb targeted messages and use them to create a real and lasting change in your physical being.

In just 20 minutes per day, you can increase serotonin levels by 21 percent and endorphins by 24 percent, resulting in greater calm and contentment, as well as significantly reduced stress and susceptibility to disease.

New research shows us that visualization can cause immediate, measurable and lasting physiological changes in the human body. Using concentration and visualization techniques, our own minds can often accomplish what modern medicine, drugs and surgical techniques cannot. When used in conjunction with medicine and surgery visualization techniques can accelerate treatment effectiveness and speed recovery time.

Visualization can strengthen your immune system, promote faster healing, help you overcome pain and even allow you to release yourself from damaging, unhealthy or addictive behaviors.

There is abundant research to show that the human mind has the capacity to affect physical reality to a remarkable degree. Yet for the most part, this tremendous potential remains untapped, because it is not readily accessible, without special equipment. Now that equipment has been developed…

The MindPlace Brain Entrainment Device!

MindPlacey is the leading provider of programs that can improve and change our lives. The new Kasina device is the finest there is, giving the best performance and the widest range of mind development effects. Now you can enhance your mind performance to a remarkable degree, all while sitting on a sofa or lying on the bed.

We call the process creative guided imagery (CGI) and relaxation. That’s because the device has an amazing four-fold process:

    1. Sound patterns
    2. Light patterns
    3. Empowering harmonious music (shown to change mind states)
    4. A friendly, soothing voice to guide you into creative mind journeys

Let’s explain these four powerful tools.

Binaural Beats

It has been known for some time that playing different frequency sounds into the right and left ear causes a “beats” phenomenon, with strong physiological effects. These beats cause rapid brain entrainment and, within minutes, induce restful and creative alpha and theta states (trance and dreaming).

Flicker Following

The same phenomenon has been observed with flickering lights. If lights flicker at a certain frequency the brain is even more powerfully entrained to drop into a theta state. You may have noticed this effect gazing into a fire with flames: it tends to make you drowsy. That’s not oxygen lack, it’s an induced theta state!

Combining binaural beats with flicker following makes the two together more powerful than the sum of each singly (an effect we call potentiation; it’s like 2+2=11 instead of 4!)

Glorious Music

Wonderful soothing music has been known for centuries to induce remarkable, relaxed states. It can take a stressed individual and render him or her relaxed in no time. And thank goodness for that, in this pressurized, stressful world.

[stay away from heavy rock and jarring modern pops; these have been shown to be extremely destructive to wellbeing]

The MindPlace devices have wonderful, crafted music, including tracks with deep and powerful transformational sounds that will really stir your soul!

Guided Imagery

That’s not all. With modern electronics we can combine all the above with a gentle voice, offering you guided imagery, to further transport your mind into a new and empowering state.

My own tracks feature mythical journeys, to Camelot, to Atlantis; connecting with Gaia or Higher Power; Finding Love; or Tour Of The Universe (journeying to the stars and galaxies)…

But you can use these meditative tracks also for slimming motivation, stopping smoking, surviving cancer, sales motivation, conquering depression, developing relationship skills and so on.

Stylish white Apple iPod look-alike!

Try A Sample Sound

I cannot give you the FULL experience, because it requires the amazing on-board Kasina technology to do that. But without the lights and the so-called "flicker following" effect of lights, you can still get a "feel" of the process that is waiting for you in this amazing, powerful device.

Just click on the link below but you must make sure that you are listening in headphones with stereo capability. Alternatively, download the file and podcast it, to listen through ear buds or headphones, on your iPod or MP3 player.

The sample is almost 8 minutes and stops just as we are coming up to the full guided imagery. In any case, I don't want you to get half measures! It's a sample, that's all. Just go buy the device: YOU HAVE A FULL 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So nothing to worry about.

sample from "Contact With Gaia" track

If you double-click the link, it should play in your default audio player

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30-Day Guarantee

You are fully protected by a no-quibble money-back guarantee. We ask you to pay return shipping only, in recognition of the splendid opportunity to try this amazing mind power system. We will refund you in full, including the original shipping costs.

30-day guarantee

Try the Kasina risk-free!


Concentrated Healing Through Mind Technology

New technologies now put the power of creative visualization within reach of everyone. Using safely calibrated electronics to create optimal combinations of sound and light patterns, the Kasina portable accelerated learning device makes powerful visualization treatments available in a convenient, self-guided format.

The Kasina system is easy to use, totally portable, and was designed to help you achieve the deep state of relaxation necessary to trigger creative visualization techniques. Each Kasina device comes equipped with a personal headset and custom light-emitting lenses that envelop the user in music, sound and light designed to expand their state of awareness.

There is also available software to craft your own, custom tracks!

Once immersed in this receptive state, the Kasinina helps you to visualize and actualize the change you desire. With your new Kasina you can choose to enhance and focus the power of visualization on such goals as relieving pain, healing, sleeping peacefully, weight loss, and more. The program is completely self-directed, and because the Kasina device is compact and portable, you can use it at home, at the office or when traveling.


Creative Visualization and The Power to Heal

Many alternative therapies incorporate elements of visualization to stimulate relaxation and healing. The Kasina is siply the best assembly of all the modern technology which exists.

There are several folders containg numerous tracks on a variety of situations. For example:

    1. Morning tracks, to revive and awaken you. Better than 5 cups of coffee!
    2. Mind Art: tracks with amazing visions of sound, light and beauty.
    3. Night time: promoting calm, relaxation and restful sleep.
    4. Recovery and revival: after strenuous exercize or when feeling fatigued.
    5. Trance: exploring that delicious state between sleep and wakefulness
    6. PLUS: exciting creative tracks by me... some of the best in the field.

Creative visualization allows people to reach deep levels of relaxation that create ideal conditions for focusing the mind, sending healing messages to the body and strengthening new habits and mindsets.

As the scientific literature on the effectiveness of visualization expands, it is being increasingly used as a part of the treatment process in hospitals and a range of clinical settings. In these formal medical settings, a qualified practitioner guides the patient through a series of visualization techniques.


Here’s What You Get

The Kasina package enables youto target a range of specific health conditions and life goals. Each package was designed by a subject expert and calibrated to guide the listener into a process of creative visualization that targets a specific mindset or somatic state.

Each package includes an electronic Kasina multi-channel personal device, a set of Koss personal ear buds, a set of Ganz frames LED light-enabled visor with lumen amplitude and broadcast range, a charger, USB cable and mini-disc. No additional software or tapes are required—your package is complete, activated and ready to go!

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For a limited time, you may purchase the complete Kasina equipment package, plus extras, plus Dr. Keith tracks, plus 4 special bonus tracks, at a special introductory rate of $325 plus shipping (manufacturer's recommended price $349)

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