Two Of Your Most Vital Organs Need All The Help You Can Give Them!
Your liver and kidneys are important detox and excretion organs: essential in health but even more important if you are facing severe toxic overload, such as battling cancer. Yet it is hard to think of two more unloved and uncared for organs than these two!
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Read what Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, PhD has to say:

Heart and brain are far more "glamorous" medical issues, that grab all the media attention. But liver and kidneys are faithful workhorses that protect us in this toxic world.

The trouble is that few doctors or health advisors ever trouble to give good advice about looking after these two essential organs. As a result, there are long waiting lists for transplants and many more cases needing replacements than can possible be matched with a donor.

In the USA alone, there are 17,000 cases waiting for a liver transplant and the majority have to wait around 1 year to get lucky. There are over 90,000 on the waiting list for kidneys and rising. The picture is much the same anywhere in the developed world.

I don't need to tell you what happens if a patient cannot get a transplant within a suitable time frame.

You don't want a transplant anyway. They are messy, painful and not so successful (liver transplant cases do rather better than kidney transplant cases). One of the problems with all organ transplants is they are followed by a big rise in the incidence of cancer, owing to the use of immuno-suppressive drugs, used to prevent organ rejection.

The situation is so dire, and missing knowledge so critical on this topic, that I decided to write, not one, but TWO major health reports. One is about liver health, the other about kidneys.

I'm packaging them together at a really low combination price. I'll come to that later...


Let's start with liver health...

Do you know the #1 cause of cirrhosis and liver failure?

I bet you don't! (clue: it isn't alcohol!)

Please watch a short but compelling video...

You need to get this important book and you will greatly increase your chances of good health and longevity. If you are battling serious disease, such as cancer, it is absolutely vital you read it and take note of its contents.

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But it doesn't stop there. Now kidneys... I'm going to tell you how to avoid a kidney transplant and keep your body clean and healthy with the "Waters of Life"!

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Get these two amazing books. I'm releasing them as a pair...

liver and kidney ebook together

The cost for BOTH is less than that you would normally pay for just one report. But you get two great books!

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You’ll learn right up to the cutting edge, stuff on taking care of your liver and kidneys.

As I said, your liver is your main detox organ and your kidneys the main excretion organs. Between them they remove over 99% of damaging substances. But they get hit and damaged as they do their job! These are real front-line soldiers for us!

Your liver processes 100 gallons of blood a day, taking out heavy toxins that enter our bodies from the air, from the water, from your food, from within our own bodies (breakdown products). We understand the metabolic pathways. But the idea that our livers can do this without help, in such an overloaded world, is absurd.

We were designed for clear air, clean water, wild forests and mountain ranges. We are not supposed to be living in the pit of toxic filth, that is now so bad it discolors the air over our very oceans and remotest mountain tops! (as seen on satellite photos, like this one):

aerosol pollution

Same for the kidneys. They are designed to excrete waste products from healthy natural living, not the effluvia of modern society, with its toxic pesticides and plastics, drugs, chemical pollutants and poisonous heavy metals. The kidney filtration unit is very delicate and is easily destroyed.

Mercury, lead, cadmium (from cigarette smoke), arsenic (from chicken at your supermarket) and aluminium (from cookware and baking foil) all attack the kidneys.

Kidney failure has risen to be in the top 10 causes of death in the Western world. That's how serious it has become.

Don't let the modern world shorten your life by damaging your vital organs. Know how to protect them. Get these critical reports.

Remember, liver and kidneys are the SILENT KILLERS. You may not know there is a problem until 85% or more of organ function is lost. By then it may be too late, as many people have found to their cost!

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You are totally covered by my 60-day no-quibble guarantee. You risk absolutely nothing and for a few dollars could end up putting 5 - 10 healthy extra years into your life! What a bargain!

Here's What You Get...

Learn to understand the function and workings of these two critical organs.

How to keep them in tip-top health. You need to KNOW what to do and a good chunk of WHY you should do it.

You'll likely live longer, by eliminating two major causes of early death.

In these two books you get a wealth of information you can use. You’ll learn enough to truly understand the major role these organs play and so how to help them serve you best.

As I said, I'm releasing two reports together at a price less than you would normally pay for just one of them!

liver and kidney ebooks

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Some Surprise Tasters!

Your liver is an amazing chemical factory! But because it stands at the crossroads of almost all biotransformation (detox) processes in our bodies, it is especially vulnerable to hurt or damage.

    • Big secret revealed: I’ll tell you the #1 threat to your liver (and it’s NOT alcohol). The top threat to your liver I’m going to reveal accounts for over 50% of cases of cirrhosis, alcohol is just 5%.
    • I’ve listed 19 super liver feeding nutrients and explained why they are important (you don’t need to take all 19 at once, of course!)
    • I’ll share with you the top 5 herbal liver supports (and how to make your own liver support tincture on the kitchen counter top)
    • I explain the top liver function tests and how to interpret them
    • I talk about all the major sources of toxins that can knock out your liver and shorten your life (these days, alcohol is the least of your worries)
    • I tell you what are the real “liver spots” (clue: not the brownish aging spots commonly seen as we get older, which everybody mistakenly calls liver spots)
    • Oh, and I couldn’t resist telling you what really happens when you try one of those heroic “liver flushes”, sometimes called gallbladder flushes. You’ll be amused, I know

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Take a Peek Inside!

Here's A Summary Of The Table Of Contents

  • Your liver is your best friend in this highly toxic world. Treat it kindly.
  • Detox factory
  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 detox
  • Detoxing Food
  • So, What Does Your Liver Do, Exactly?
  • Fatty Dumps
  • Symptoms Of Liver Dysfunction and Disease
  • Gallbladder Symptoms
  • Gallstones
  • The Single Biggest Threat To Your Liver
  • What is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)?
  • Alarming statistics about nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Recognizing Fatty Liver
  • Other Liver Diseases
  • Hepatitis Review
  • Liver Disease Secondary to other Disease
  • Liver Cancer
  • Xenobiotic Liver Damage
  • Fast And Slow Metabolizers
  • Natural Hepatotoxins
  • Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle And Toadstools
  • Herbal and alternative remedies
  • Drugs That Cause Liver Toxicity
  • Liver Function Tests
  • Enzymes
  • Serum bilirubin
  • Serum Proteins
  • Ammonia and Urea
  • Blood work
  • Interpreting your blood test results
  • Imaging
  • Biopsy
  • Self Treatment Of Liver Disease
  • The Basic Rule
  • Second Rule
  • Weight Loss Will Save Your Life
  • Follow A “Liver Diet”
  • The “Gallbladder Flush” or “Liver Flush” Scam
  • What Amino Acids Are Good For Liver
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Miscellaneous Liver Protector Herbs
  • Milk Thistle
  • Proprietary Formulas
  • Formulate Your Own Liver Herbal Tincture
  • Fiber. Why Pre-Biotics Will Help Your Liver Detox
  • How To Administer A Coffee Enema For Liver Stimulation
  • The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) View Of The Liver

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And The Kidney Book, Take a Peek...

Check Out A Few Of The Great Contents:

kidney book image

  • Avoiding Transplant Kidneys!
  • What Do Kidneys Do?
  • *Famous People Who Died A Kidney Death
  • Kidney Statistics (why kidney is really the #4 cause of death)
  • What Causes Kidney Failure?
  • Nephrotic Syndrome
  • Symptoms Of Kidney Disease
  • Understanding End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  • Childhood Kidney Cancer
  • Adult Kidney Cancer
  • How Kidney Disease Is Diagnosed In The Lab
  • Why The Traditional Chamber Pot Was Great!
  • How Good Are Your Kidneys? (how do you find out?)
  • Conventional Tests For Kidneys Explained
  • Conventional Medical Treatments
  • How YOU Should Look After Your Kidneys
  • Detoxification Saves Your Kidneys
  • How To Safely Detox Heavy Metals Without Damage
  • So-Called Kidney Diets (what’s wrong with them)
  • Kidney Stones, The Basics
  • Preventing Recurrence Of Kidney Stones
  • Debunking The Calcium Myth (calcium does NOT cause stones)
  • 8 GREAT Herbs For Kidney For Kidney Health And Strength
  • 2 GREAT homeopathic formulas For Kidney Health And Strength
  • My Own Revolutionary Kidney Work (1980s)
  • Water Filters Reviewed - you can't get too much clean water

It even features an amazing, unwritten method of dislodging kidney stones that you'll NEVER learn from a GU surgeon!

PLUS! You’ll Get This FREE Bonus Report

You’ll get my 17-page bonus special report on How To Breathe Properly and it’s about looking after your lungs, using the correct breathing technique (avoiding hyperventilation).

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So: Time To Buy!

Forget normal digital book prices:

$47, $37, $27

This isn't a normal book deal. This is TWO BOOKS (and I don't mean you buy one and the other is a feeble giveaway). Two really vital books.

liver and kidney books combined

I decided to sell these two critically important health reports together as a pair for a low price of just:


I'm sure you know that most digital reports cost more than that, so it's two for the price of one AND A DISCOUNT!

Remember, these are downloadable documents.
You print them out yourself or read on-screen.
There are no hard-copy books at this time.

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P.S. I have just one final comment to make: do not wait until you are told you have extensive liver or kidney damage. Remember, you won't know until it's almost too late! Liver and kidney diseases are very "silent" but failures kill just as sure as heart attacks and stroke.

Get informed now. And may you live as long as you wish, without pain or anxiety.